Numbers, Symbols and Colors


Yesterday, I shared a list of links to help you guys pick a name that is meaningful to your character. Today, I’d like to share another set of links (as always) that focuses on meanings, mainly the meanings behind numbers, symbols and colors. 

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boston and OoD and rb when it reopens

Ohh ye

😍➕➕joseph gordon-levitt gif hunt


700+ small/med hq gifs of jgl just so there's an hq read more gif hunt out there. none of these are mine.


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I need to join a roleplay.

Max Irons editorial (insp.)

I had a dream that Caleb had hella tattoos, like a pretty chest piece and amazing half sleeves and oh my God it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

Anonymous asked: Hello! I saw you answer an ask about twists for a school rp. Could you think of any that would spice up your typical OC town rp? Thanks!

Sure thing! I actually think a lot of the ideas I mentioned in that ask could be tweaked and applied to a town RP, but here’s a new list.

  • Murder mystery. Think Clue. In a small town, such an event would be a hot topic, and everyone would be interested in figuring out who-done-it. It may be kind of tricky having one of the members be the murderer, so you as an admin could have a number of NPCs and the group would have to deduce who among them committed the murder.
  • Location. Like I said with the school ask, location definitely could play a major role. Enough New England settings. Places I’d like to see: the deep South/bayou, the desert, an island..?
  • Isolation. For some reason, the townsfolk can’t leave. Maybe it’s just location - The Reach by Stephen King comes to mind as inspiration. Maybe it’s the weather, a brutal snow storm locking everyone in. Or something more supernatural, which another King story, Under the Dome explores. (why am i on a stephen king kick suddenly omg)
  • Tragedy. The death of a beloved mayor or the old lady on the corner everyone loved, a young child going missing, a natural disaster - the aftermath of these kinds of things bring people together, especially in a small town.

here kids, a lil pack of 4 PSDs that resemble various screens on the instagram app. username, time posted, #s of posts/followers/following, description, URL, and caption are all editable layers; spaces for pictures are left transparent. 

not intended for use as character psds for roleplays.

download [ x, x, x, x ]



Under the cut you'll find #274 HQ, textless small/medium gifs of my husband, BRENDON URIE. I don't own any of these gifs, and all credit belongs to their lovely creators. Please like/reblog if this helped you in any way. Thanks & enjoy!


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"Queen of Kings" Editorial - Moustache Magazine

Reviews have been reopened, but I'm currently only doing first-look reviews.